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Below is a copy of our typical pet contract. Please Call or email if you have any questions.

Dream Chaser Dalmatians
Walter A. & Emily J. Huf
1850 Pleasant Valley Road
West Bend, Wisconsin 53095
(262)689-9894 cell
[email protected]

This is a contract between Emily & Walter Huf, hereafter known as seller, and    hereafter known as buyer.

Some of the following terms of this contract are negotiable, and any modifications shall take the precedence over the provision(s) it replaces.

1. Seller offers the pet quality / show quality Dalmatian for $

2. Identifying information of dog as follows:

AKC litter registration number:
Whelp date:
House name:
Color: Black and White or Liver and White
Sire: Diamond C Midnight Ember VDC or Dream Chasers Edward Bella's Choice
Sire's AKC# NP16002901 Or
Dam's AKC#

3.) All Dalmatians sold as Pets will be sold with Limited Registration, and must be spayed/neutered by age 8 months. Limited Registration means that while your dog is AKC registered, the AKC will not register any of its offspring. The dog can still compete in any/all appropriate AKC events, other than conformation such as agility, obediance, flyball, tracking, hunting, herding, etc. Dogs sold with a full registration may be shown and bred, but no guarantee of performance ability is given or implied.

4.) Reasonable precautions have been taken to insure that dog is healthy and parasite free. It is buyer's responsibility to have the dog examined by a veterinarian within three days of receipt, to provide assurance of good health and as a baseline for future veterinary reference. I will replace any puppy that is found to posses a congenital defect or any disease that is sufficiently serious to warrant euthanasia, providing the following conditions are met. A licensed veterinarian of your choice must examine this puppy within 72 hours from purchase date to provide a base line. Puppy must be kept on Nu-Vet Vitamins (call 1-800-474-7044 & give order code 27693 to order) for the entire 1st year of life for the guarantee to remain in effect. It is recommended that he/she stay on them for life. If a deadly, congenital defect is found, this puppy, when puppy is euthanized and a written statement is received from your veterinarian, will be replaced with another puppy of seller's choice from either from the same litter, or a subsequent litter. Hip Dysplasia is guaranteed for one year from purchase date, with a replacement puppy only. Radiographs must be taken for diagnosis, and made available to seller for consultation. Puppy must be euthanized. Seller states that to her knowledge, puppy is at least unilateral hearing. BAER hearing test reports will be sent home with the puppy at the time of purchase. Should your puppy prove on Baer hearing testing to be deaf, seller will replace with a hearing puppy from the same or subsequent litter. No money will be refunded. Buyer assumes full responsibility for costs related to any/all testing and medical treatments. Under no circumstances will Seller be responsible for any veterinarian bills or expenses incurred with the care of this puppy for any reason.

5.) Buyer agrees to give proper and prompt veterinary care, quality chicken based dog food, fresh water, secure exercise space, training, and shelter.

6.) A non refundable deposit of $400.00 is required to hold a specific puppy (or pick of puppies), unless otherwise noted. Picks are reserved in the order deposits are received by the seller. If buyer changes his/her mind after seller receives the fee, it will NOT be refunded. Deposits MAY be transferred to another subsequent litter if your choice is not in the litter in question, or timing is not right after the deposit is placed. Fees retained for persons who decide against a dalmatian will be used for care and advertising of the dog until a suitable placement can be arranged.

7.) Purchase price does not include the cost of shipping. Shipping costs will be borne by buyer, unless otherwise specified. Shipping costs include the cost of a travel kennel, vet health certificate if needed, and an additional charge of $100, if the dog is shipped out of Chicago, rather than Milwaukee/West Bend. Shipping may be by air or driver.

8.) Buyer agrees to keep seller notified of current address and phone number.

9.) Buyer agrees that seller is not responsible for the actions or safety of this dog, once it leaves seller's possession. Buyer further agrees to indemnify seller from any costs that result from such action.

10.) Buyer agrees not to sell this dog or any of its offspring to retailer's, dealers, wholesalers, auction or research, or for dog fighting. All provisions in this contract are designed to safeguard the dog, the breed in general, or the community, and as such, violation of any provision will cause damage to seller's reputation. Failure to comply with any provision will result in return of the dog to seller and, prosecution to the full extent of the law for said damages.

11.) Buyer is responsible for all costs incurred for return of the dog to the seller in the event of breach of contract.

12.) If Buyer is unable to keep this dog, buyer must either find it a suitable home knowledgeable about the breed, or return it to the seller at buyer's expense. Under NO circumstances is it to be surrendered to a shelter or abandoned.

This contract is deemed legally binding and is under the jurisdiction of the State of Wisconsin. It is further agreed that in the event of contestation, the place of venue shall be Washington County, Wisconsin.

I/we, the buyer(s) hereby certify that we have read and agree to this contract, understand it's contents, and have entered into this agreement freely, being legally able to do so.

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Signature:                                                    Date:

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