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Get SPOTTED... with a Dream Chaser Dalmatian!

Diamond C's Midnight Ember VDC - BiLateral Hearing

Ember has been retired from breeding and is currently serving as best friend 24/7 to another nice older gentleman in Iowa. He is enjoying the good life, where he can be with his dad 24/7 and enjoys running around like a puppy, sleeping in bed, and long rides in the truck!

Ember is to us, the embodiment of the perfect dalmatian. He is kind, loyal, cuddly and yet a real man's man. Ember comes from Kim Caine's Diamond C Dalmatians in Michigan, and is from a long line of AKC Conformation Champions, starting with his own father "Diamond C's Midnight Eclipse". His pedigree is heavily Tuckaway and Korcula based. In addition to being ruggedly handsome with a glossy, sleek coat and rich, dark brown eyes that remind you of melted chocolate, his personality and temperament are also the epitome of the perfect dalmatian. From his silly "smile" when he greets you, to his never still tail, he is a people lover. Ember's good looks and personality are apparent in all of his puppies thus far. Ember is an active blood donor at the Animal Emergency Center in Glendale, WI and has helped save several other dogs with his donations.

A Boy Just Has to have Fun!!! - About 12-14 weeks old

Ember being shown by our Daughter Cheyenne in 4-H in 2009.



Dream Chaser's Edward - Bella's Choice - BiLateral Hearing

This handsome, young, vampire loving pooch is a grandson of Debbie and Ember's, and also a real lover. He has the same goofy, happy-go-lucky personality as grandpa, but with liver spots and beautiful amber colored eyes which was carried on Debbie's side of the family. We are hoping to channel his constantly sniffing nose, and train him to flush rabbits and pheasants for me as I practice falconry with my new bird Xena. This young man has fathered his first litter of puppies born 10/11/12 - and we now have liver puppies!

Edward and my son Dakota - Summer of 2011

Edward  - Autumn of 2012


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