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Get SPOTTED... with a Dream Chaser Dalmatian!

Our Girls - All BiLateral Hearing

Lil Darling Dashing Debbie VDC 

Debbie was our first dalmatian, and is probably our most athletic dog. Her 0-60 is amazing, as is her ability to corner, jump, follow a trail with her nose, and her maternal instincts are well developed also. Debbie LOVES the water, and as a pup competed in a few dock dog competitions. She was shown for a short time in 4-H as an obedience dog by our daughter Cheyenne. Debbie is also an active blood donor at the Animal Emergency Center in Glendale, WI and helps to save other dogs lives. Debbie is an excellent mother, and is very jealous when someone else has puppies. Debbie's puppies often inherit her love of the water, and range from moderate to heavily spotted. While she has brown eyes, she has had a couple puppies with one blue-one brown eye, and one puppy with two beautiful blue eyes. All puppies so far have been normal hearing.


Dream Chaser's This Farrah is No Angel 

Farrah was purchased as a puppy from a breeder friend in Kentucky, along with Dream Chaser's Disney DeVil (Disney). Her original name there was "Little Miss Perfect", and then was changed by the breeder to Farrah, after Farrah Fawcett.  I was attracted by her lightly spotted body, and her get up and go personality. As she reminded me of her beautiful namesake I loved to watch in Charlie's Angels, I kept the name, and added my own take on her personality. That wiggly, naughty puppy has now turned into a gorgeous, sweet and loving dog, and delivered her first litter in January 2011, where she delivered 15 puppies!. She is built a bit "heavier", and lighter in color than our other girls. All her her puppies were gorgeous, and ranged from lightly to moderately spotted. She is mama's girl all the way! Farrah carries liver, and when bred to Edward, throws a gorgeous mixture of livers and blacks !

Dream Chaser's Mischief, An Angel Until Twilight

This liver spotted wonder is the offspring of Farrah (black) and Edward (liver). She is an awesome combination of the two, and has a saucy, sassy personality, yet is completely loveable and adorable! Life is never dull with this girl around!

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